Recruitment Status

Starfleet Dental is currently only recruiting players who meet a MMO Skill Rating (MMOSR) of AA+ or higher. While Starfleet Dental does not currently endorse the MMO Standards and Assessment Association, we are willing to accept players with a rating of 97-120 in that organization.

Starfleet Dental is more than a guild. It is an idea, a way of life, a desire to be the best.

When Arus won the Van Leeuwen Trophy at the 2009 World MMO Championships, he knew he didn’t win it alone. Arus had the power of Starfleet Dental behind him, a team of pro-gamers with unrivaled skill and enthusiasm.

Founded in 2010, Starfleet Dental has consistently ranked amongst the top MMO guilds in the world. Alongside Arus, our members and teams have won numerous awards and continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the professional gaming circuit.

Starfleet Dental is more than a guild, and its members are more than just players. We are a family, a brotherhood, it is not for everyone, but for those who have given their life to Starfleet Dental, they would not have it any other way.